SLAE Certification

This blog post has been created for completing the requirements of the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert certification:


Student ID: SLAE-1517


I started my offsec journey back in Feb 2007 when I registered for Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and completed the certification in June of that same year. Almost 3 years later, I finally decided to start on Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) and one of the baseline requirements for this certification is a familiarity with Linux assembly language. Several OSCE preparation/exam reviews pointed to Security Tubes Linux Assembly (SLAE-32 bit) course as a good course to prepare for OSCE. The course is provided at an affordable price of $130 and the certification is really unique. After completing the course, students are required to complete seven assignments (listed below) to obtain the certification.

SLAE Assignment #1 - Bind TCP Shell
SLAE Assignment #2 - Reverse TCP Shell
SLAE Assignment #3 - Egg Hunter
SLAE Assignment #4 - Encoder
SLAE Assignment #5 - Shellcode Analysis
SLAE Assignment #6 - Polymorphism
SLAE Assignment #7 - Crypter 

Shout out to Vivek for doing an amazing job teaching the course. It was a perfect blend of the crawl, walk, run--from learning the basics of assembly registers to operations/conditions/controls/loops, creating shellcodes, and finally creating encoders/polymorphism/crypters.